Where Is The Need?

Where can you do your bit?

We believe that all young Jewish people, wherever they are in the UK, should have access to JLGB’s weekly activities, facilities and opportunities. You can help us make that happen in your local community in two ways:

Helping an existing JLGB group

Wherever you live, are working or studying, we probably have a JLGB group near you that really needs your help. To find out where you can make the biggest difference and greatest impact, you can call our adult volunteer support team on 0300 123 23 63 or email them to doyourbit@jlgb.org. They’re ready to help you use your skills, talents and location to ‘do your bit’ with the right JLGB group for you. Your commitment, of as little as a few hours a week, will make a big difference in your local community.

Helping to open a new JLGB Group

If there isn’t a JLGB group currently close to you, you could help us to start one. We’re actively looking to open new groups where there is a need. We can support you with everything you’ll require – from resources to training – to bring JLGB to your local community and have a positive impact on Jewish youth in your area. Call our adult volunteer support team on 0300 123 23 63 or email them to doyourbit@jlgb.org and they’ll tell you how you can help bring JLGB to your community.

What You Can Do

When you volunteer as an adult leader for JLGB you’re doing more than giving your time. Whatever role you take, you’re doing something really positive to give the next generation the benefit of all your experience.

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What You Can Gain

Volunteering as an adult leader for JLGB gives you back more than you’d expect. We’ll train you to use your own talents and skills, giving you some real responsibility.

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Our Volunteers

Our volunteers are people just like you, who care about our society and want to do something that makes a difference towards a better future. Whatever your age, skills or talents, every single volunteer is special to us and a vital part of the JLGB family.

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How To Become A Volunteer

We’ve been supporting our adult leaders for over 120 years, so we know how to provide you with everything you need to volunteer successfully. You’ll find we like to keep things simple, so we make the process of applying to volunteer as easy as possible.

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